The Freehold of Huntington

Discretion is advised

With the acension of Spring in the Court of Point Pleasant, Queen Stephanie Hicks has left a vacancy in the Spring Court and Jenna Hale has thrown her hat into the ring for contention to become the new Viscount.

Ben, the new Baron of Huntington, and Current Count of Winter Court tasks the new founded motley with retrieving something from Brevoy’s Exchange, a well known Hedge Market that shows up during the three nights of the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. As a rule, Hedge Markets are illegal as they can alert the True Fey to local trods within the Hedge.

While contacting the motley, Ben indicates that he would like to personally interview Gregory, due to his potential close contact with The Mothman. Manny instantly has questions about why someone from the Court of Sorrows works so hard to elicit fear. While others question why Ben’s contact with the Young Changeling now in their charge seems so intimate.

While running the errand, Brevoy, the Imp who runs the Exchange, instantly recognized the members of the Motley as if they had been there before. He informs them that Ben has already paid, but has laid a curse upon the box if it opens before Ben opens the box, thought he personally does not know the details of the curse. He informs them that if they safely get the box to Ben without opening it that he will give them some fancy raiment to wear.

immediately upon exiting Brevoy’s Exchange, the Motley comes across a group of Hobgoblins and a Beastkin Wolf Changeling that claims that Brevoy stole the item from them and they want it back. Having repelled these roving band of Hedge Marauders, The Party makes their way back without running into the Chevaliers and delivers the box to Ben. who takes it to another room to open it. With the weight of the curse lifted from them Ben deliver’s the promised reward of preserved Goblin Fruit.

After a short encounter with the Chevaliers, whom they deflect from their true purpose of seeking Brevoy’s Exchange, they make their way into the shop in time to see a True Fey. It was a tall tree like humanoid shaped creature. The joint where it’s jaw would attach to a skull was wreathed in green flame instead and the top of it’s head floated there. From it’s skull was a great branching of several dozen antlers. It dropped some small eldritch beast, a writhing barrel like thing with many eyes and tentacles, onto the counter and took an old grey brick GameBoy from Brevoy. it turned to the party as if sniffing them while making its way out of the door. Upon exiting, it seemed as if colour and light filled the world once again. Brevoy happily provided the party with the promised reward, though not after a slight joke about the places odd and difficult to follow temporal mechanics.

Unbeknownst to Ben, however, Adam contacted Jenna about Ben’s involvement with the illegal goblin market who loaned Adam a trinket to spy upon the activities that she might use to her advantage when dealing with the court systems in the future. She called this token “A Fly on the Wall.”