Treaty of the Moth

Following the events of a local entity known as The Mothman The Werewolf Tribes of West Virginia and the Changeling Court of Point Pleasant acknowledge this treaty to be valid from this day, the 17th of December 1969, for a full Fifty Years and Fifty days, ending on the 5th of February 2020.

West Virginia is hereby Werewolf Territory with the following exceptions. The City of Point Pleasant is the purview of the Fairies that call themselves Changelings. The governance of such is by their designs as they see fit with the caveat that they protect the realm of threat from that which they call the True Fae. The cities of Huntington and Charleston shall also be given over to them as extra territorial freeholds. For the travel among free holds the Ohio River Road, now know as Route 2, until such time as it becomes Route 77, and Midland Trail now known as Route 60, until it crosses into Hawk’s Nest State Park, and any building addressed to these roads shall be Protected for the Changelings so long as they remain without confrontation to any Weres therein. Any Changeling outside of these areas without written consent of the Ruling body of Werewolf tribe(s) of the area shall have their lives forfeit. Any Wolf found within these areas without the expressed written consent of the Changeling Governing body of Point Pleasant shall be shunned from the Tribe henceforth.

For the purpose of upholding this treaty, the Changelings of Point Pleasant and all that owe allegiance to them bear the responsibility to never let Fae matters reach such a point of spectacle again. They are charged with the responsibility of guarding the Umbra, that which they know as the Hedge, from breach. They are charged with ensuring the media to do not spectate upon the world of the supernatural again. They are charged with educating all who owe their allegiance to them these rules and responsibilities.

For the purpose of upholding this treaty, the Werewolf Tribes of West Virginia bear the responsibility to protect the Changelings from forces outside of their borders, to answer the call of aid should it be required, and to ensure that all members of every tribe that sits in membership of that council understands and honors this treaty. To that end, There will always be one pack that resides in Kanawha City, Barboursville, and in the wilds outside of Point Pleasant

Amendments to the treaty are as follows:

1. It is the First duty of each King or Queen of the Court of Point Pleasant to ensure that they are able to be contacted by the Council of the Werewolf tribes.

2. This Document may be amended only by mutual agreement of both parties, and may only be codified in writing four times a year, The 31st of October, The 2nd of February, The 1st of May, and the 5th of August.

3. Any Changeling whose first crossing back from the Hedge has been within the last 30 days is exempt from this Treaty. Any Changeling so newly crossed in Werewolf territory is to be treated with respect. They are to be fed and quartered as necessary until they can be returned to a nearby court. Any Changeling not owing allegiance to the Court of Point Pleasant and its associated freeholds is to be taken into custody until such time as a represent of the Changeling Courts retrieves them.

4. Any Were, wolf or otherwise, whose first turn has been within the last 7 days is exempt from this treaty. Any newly turned Were is to kept humanely secured and nourished until an appropriate Pack can retrieve them.

5. Any Changeling caught outside of proscribed borders due to extenuating circumstances may request Arbitration from the Council of Werewolves. The Council will sit in judgement, The Changeling(s) may request no more than three advisers during this arbitration. The Changeling will have seven days from injury to prove to the council the necessity for breech of contract.

6. Any Werewolf Caught outside of proscribed borders due to extenuating circumstances may request parley. Where upon the King or Queen of the Changeling Court of Point Pleasant shall sit in judgement. The Werewolf may request only one adviser during this arbitration and will have 28 days from injury to prove the necessity for the breech.

7. Yeager Airport of Charleston and Tri-state Airports of Huntington and direct access roads to them are considered neutral territory and are furthermore exempt from claims of territory under this treaty to all Supernatural beings.

8. Minors that are Changeling or Were with family outside of the proscribed borders will be assigned a companion to ensure that all other matters of this Treaty are observed. The companion(s) will be chosen by whatever means the local Changeling or Werewolf governing bodies deem necessary. The will enjoy all rights of their respective societies as well as limited freedoms to travel within and trough the territories until such times as a year and a day into their majority has passed.

Treaty of the Moth

The Freehold of Huntington aerethus