Freehold of Point Pleasant

While once the Freehold of Point Pleasant was the center of the Changeling courtly proceedings, it has become little more than the popular click in high school.

Point Pleasant boasts a higher density of Changelings per mortal population, but are far outstripped by their closest neighbors Huntington and Charleston with much higher population at large, especially considering that many new changelings settle in these cities for the mortal amenities they provide.

It, however, remains the center of power for Changelings in the area. They contain the Upper Courts where the current Seasonal Court’s King or Queen Reign. There is also a frequent Goblin market that comes through at the 905 Viand St Cemetery, not that anyone should shop there, that is. It is also the only court that the Werewolves will negotiate with at the present moment.

The Courts

The Courts are run by the Current Seasonal King or Queen, as well as four Seasonal Duchesses or Dukes. and Advised by an elected Baron of Charleston and an elected Baron of Huntington.

The Duchesses and Dukes are elected by the means of the Seasonal Courts they belong to. From this council the New King or Queen ascends at the seasonal equinox (with the exception of Autumn which is held at the Mothman Festival), and a new seasonal Duchess or Duke is elected for that season.

At this coronation the outgoing King or Queen is formally banished. Usually this practice is in good nature and merely to mimic the usurpation of Kings and Queens of Old, and the Court’s first vote is to lift the banishment. There is no requirement to do so, and real threats have been made in the past to vote against lifting the banishment for Unjust or particularly Heinous rulers.

A person awaiting to be coronated Duchess or Duke is called a Prince or Princess (Like the French, a Duchess/Duke outranks a Prince/ss. While a Prince or Princess has no ruling duty as a whole, they may have responsibilities to their Seasonal Court.

The titles Marquess, Count, and Viscount are used only as relevant to Seasonal Courts and whatever convoluted political intrigue they deem, While Baron/ess is reserved for the rulers of Charleston and Huntington.

Freehold of Point Pleasant

The Freehold of Huntington aerethus