Brevoy's Exchange

Hedge Markets are, as a rule, illegal, save for a select few approved of by the Courts of Point Pleasant, Brevoy’s Exchange is no exception to this, though it is probably the most well known and best run of all Hedgemarkets in the Tristate Area. The Huntington Entrance is available only during the Three days of the First Full Moon after the Spring Equinox. The Imp,Brevoy, that runs the exchange has an unusually American New York Accent despite being a born and bred Hedge Creature.

The Exchange caters to all creatures that can navigate the Hedge enough to find their way there, including Changeling, Hedge Creatures, and even the True Fey who are all kept in check by a list of contracts upon entering the door, even if they don’t know it. Being a shop in the Hedge means that there is no currency with which one can trade, making bartering the bread and butter of Brevoy’s establishment.

Brevoy is aware of the unusual flow of time involved in and around the Point Pleasant Area and while caught off guard sometimes by it, will joke about it once he he can orient himself to the human’s relative time frame.

Brevoy is on freindly terms with the Motley Crew though it is hard to say why at this time, or if he can even be trusted fully.

Brevoy's Exchange

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