Gregory Smoot

Time Displaced Teenager


A lithe young man with dark hair, bright brown eyes and a charming smile.

His seeming has grey hair that occasionally releases a dander like powder, dull red eyes, and no mouth, though he can still be heard. When using his Gift of the Sky ability he has large Moth-like Wings.


In 1967, Gregory Smoot was a Student at Point Pleasant High who worked at the State Theater in the evenings and on weekends. He was a Star of both Track and Cross Country. He was even a member of the boxing team and participated in the Boy Scouts as well. The more weird things happened near his home town, the more he started researching just how weird things could be. Any free time he had that wasn’t training, working, or at school, was spent reading about the strange or unusual. Getting caught up in the rush and spectacle that was the Mothman was like a dream, but it came at a cost when the Mothman came for him on a crisp Tuesday in November. Recently he fought his was out of Arcadia and landed in the nearby city of Huntington. From his looks he was clearly abducted by the Mothman and slowly transformed to look more and more like the True Fae.

Gregory Smoot

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