Brandon Adkins

Yes, One of those Adkins's


Brandon is an Autumn Court Wizened smith. His Fey-Mien has a a grin tint to his skin and large goblin-esque batlike ears. His mask is that of a balding middle aged snaggle tooth, but don’t let that deceive you about how shrewd he can be.


Brandon has enough interest in politics to have joined, but he holds no further aspirations of office. Should the Huntington Court ever replace the Court of Point Pleasant, he would likely bow out of politics. He has an “if you are having a problem, just fix it yourself” mentality, which is how ended up running for Baron of the Autumn Court. He threw his hat into the ring to fight back against some regulations Point Pleasant was forcing on him, certain oaths for protection (guarantees of services he’d rather not mention). The rule has been relaxed, but he keeps running for office so that he doesn’t have to worry about them bringing the rule back and retaliating against him.

Putting up these newly crossed changelings was not his idea, but the Spring Baroness’s, Jenna. Putting them in a house he owns, by his own business, was his idea, so he can make sure they aren’t used against him and to have some influence over Spring’s Plans. He’s been out of the Hedge for almost two decades and been Autumn Baron for nearly one of them.

Brandon Adkins

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