Adam Finch

Ogre Chef - Spring


Adam is a big man. Not just of girth, but of height. He stands over two meters tall and is at least 28 stone.

He is a kind giant though. It seems nothing makes him so happy as cooking, especially in the local soup kitchen. He will spend hours doling out hot meals to those who have nothing and it’s like he’s just eating up their satisfaction.

Adam doesn’t slack on the food just because it’s for the less fortunate either. He makes breads from scratch, compiles complex and fragrant soups. His meals could easily be served in one of the ever more popular trendy restaurants in downtown Huntington or Barboursville.

It is said, though that Adam has a bit of temper. Most people chuckle and compare it to that famous British TV chef, but the truth is Adam hates a bully. Someone who throws their weight around to oppress others quickly find Adam Finch can produce much more weight than them.

“Violence is what people do when they run out of good ideas. It’s attractive becuase it’s simple. It’s almost always available. If you can’t think of a good rebuttal for your opponents argument, you can always punch them in the face.”


Love me cancerously
Like a salt-sore soaked in the sea
High-maintenance means
You’re a gluttonous queen
Narcissistic and mean

Bitter and dumb
You’re my sugarplum
You’re awful, I love you!
- “Love Me Dead”, Ludo

Once upon a time there was a man named Adam. He was unremarkable. Average in just nearly every way. Just a 20-year-old with no direction. Which made it all the odder that the Fae would take him. Or maybe not, he wasn’t using his life, so why shouldn’t someone, something else use it.
He was put to work in the kitchens of the giant kind. But he was such small boy, and he needed to grow to not be underfoot. So, they fed him, and fed him, and fed him as they worked him.
All Ogres are bound in chain. His chains were forged of warm, fresh bread. All Ogres are beaten down, he was beaten down with the rush of a hot kitchen and the sloth of a over full belly. It was of course cruel, all Fae are. Gorging him so he would expand and grow. Slaving him away work fires, cutting meats, hauling massive trays, and scrubbing them down at night. There was no rest between the last of the late-night banquets and the first of the early morning feasts. And nothing was ever good enough.

After decades of work in a kitchen, a staff becomes a team. Each piece relies on the next to serve its purpose or be met with swift consequences. There is always someone lower down to heap the abuse onto. Chains aren’t needed when you are too hard worked to notice they are gone. Until one night, when things happen just right. The master isn’t watching, the lowbie makes some small mistake, your first reaction is to contain, to fix, to put your own chains back on. Or… a tip of this pot, the kitchen ablaze and you run. Run hard. They’ve made you large, fat even, and it’s hard pushing through the hedge. The spots in the hedge others can take are small, cramped spaces. There are so few weak spots large enough for Adam to squeeze through.

Once free what is there for Adam? Another has taken his life, one not so misshapen by food and monstrous masters. While only five years have passed in the mortal world Adam spent five times that long slaving in the kitchens of the giants. So instead we take our chains and use them to forge a different kind of bond. Feed those who hunger. Offer repast to those with nothing else. And above all, never, ever, let them take you back.

Adam has thrown himself into cooking for others, serving in a local soup kitchen. It has only been a couple weeks, but his love of food and to fulfill others with food have made the compacts with Spring come to him most naturally.

Adam Finch

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