The Freehold of Huntington

This is a Changeling the Lost campaign (1st edition) that I have been planning since the book came out. It relies heavily on the fact that in the 1950s and 60s a lot of very weird and unusual activity was reported along Route 2 in West Virginia between Ravenswood and most notably Point Pleasant ( The Mothman). The Following is the pitch I gave the players when we were trying to decide what to do after our last game.

In the fifties and sixties there were multiple breaches across the hedge into the Mortal Realm from that of the Fey. Most Notably this culminated with the Collapse of the Silver Bridge on the 15th of December 1967 which was the result of the local Changeling courts and the Werewolf Tribes of West Virginia. On the 17th of December 1969, after much negotiations The Treaty of the Moth was signed.

On the 5th of February 2020 the terms of the treaty ended. Relationships are tense. Both sides are still working on renegotiations and have been for well over a year before the end of the treaty. The Changeling Courts of Point Pleasant also have to deal with internal negotiations, being now outnumbered by members of Charleston and Huntington, while only giving them a nominal vote.

Meanwhile incursions from the Fey Realm are on the rise once again, and new changelings are appearing everyday, meanwhile with cameras and phones and the internet everywhere it is getting harder and harder to hide. Men in Black have been seen in the area as well as other cryptid and supernatural hunters, making hiding more essential than ever.

The Players will play a Motley, a collection of Changeling that, for reasons to be discovered in game, have decided to live with or at least in close proximity to one another and offer the others protection, aide, and comfort. Their story will involve the struggle of internal Courtly politics of both the Seasonal Courts as well as the Freehold Courts at large, the struggle of external politics with the Mages of Marshall University and Charleston University and with the Werewolf Tribes of West Virginia, and probably most importantly the recent uptick in Fey activity and Supernatural Hunter activity which threatens the very core of their society and all of its protections at large.

The Freehold of Huntington

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